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  • Welcome to My Blog

    8th Jul 2019 by

    Ever since being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer my friends and family have said I should write a blog or a journal. Trouble is I didn’t feel like writing. Updating everyone, answering and writing texts and WhatsApps was writing enough. Especially on the first lots of chemo that made my eyes go blurry and… Read more

  • Gripping on

    17th May 2020 by

    Gripping on I write when I cannot speak,Yet, now my hand and arm…Prevent me conveying the words I seek,Over zealous nerve endings, fingers curled to my palm. My touch so sensitive, as if I’ve been burned,Pins and needles, constant tingling, I cannot grip like I feel,Crockery dropped, doors left closed, new dexterity learned,Slicing bread and… Read more

  • It’s only a day…

    15th May 2020 by

    Except to me. Today is the day that my life, my children’s and my husband’s life changed forever. Today is the anniversary of the day I was told I had advanced breast cancer. The day my lump was confirmed as an invasive ductal carcinoma. They knew it was bad, but not even the medical professionals… Read more

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